Breckles Hall

elizabethan manor house

Breccles Hall is a Grade II listed Elizabethan manor house whose land borders the Breckles churchyard. The Hall retains the old spelling of the village name, Breccles, and also retains all of its Elizabethan grandeur, stunningly built in red brick.

The Hall has a great history and was once owned by the Wodehouse family. It was also visited by Queen Elizabeth I, Queen Mary, Winston Churchill and Whistler, who drew a cartoon on the wall of the Great Hall. The cartoon still survives today. Breccles Hall was even home to Prince Frederick Duleep Singh, the son of the last King of the Sikh Nation. Equally unusual, the Hall has a locomotive named after it.

Breccles Hall is perhaps most famous for its gardens. The UK Database of Historic Parks and Gardens notes the importance of the gardens at Breccles Hall and its former gardeners are also known for their contribution to the hybridization of Crocosmia. Churchill loved the gardens at Breccles Hall and used them as inspiration for both his painting and for his own garden at Chartwell. Breccles Hall is an estate of great note.

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