Camping at Wells-Next-The-Sea

Group Of Young People Going Camping At Music Festival

What do you do when you are faced with a long bank holiday weekend? How about grabbing your tent, packing your baked beans and head for a spot of camping…

Well-Next-The-Sea is a traditional seaside town on the North Norfolk coast. It has everything you associate seaside towns with: fish and chips, amusement arcades, candy floss, seagulls with an eye for the odd discarded chip and a beautiful fishing quay. There are beautiful old buildings which are popular amongst tourists. It’s a common thing that children like to join the grown ups when it comes to fishing for crabs from the quayside. Following that, if you are a ‘twitcher’ then there are more than enough birds here to keep you happy!

If you don’t have a telescope over your shoulder and a thermos of milky warm coffee, then perhaps you will be more at home on the gorgeous sandy beach – it was in one of the scene’s for the film ‘Shakespeare in Love’. Children will love the miniature railway that trundles between the campsite and Wells town – it is big enough to take a ride upon and is a handy way to get to the town and back!

A popular campsite park here is the “Pinewoods Holiday Park”. They cater for caravans, dogs, disabled individuals and campers. The campers ranged further afield – in a rugged area filled with bird-song and marauding pheasants.

If you’re looking for a retreat from the stresses of city-life or your general daily life, I would recommend you drag your camping gear from the shed, tell Maude to fill the thermos and go camping! Just maybe add an extra mattress to the list of things to bring!

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