Reepham Churches


Reephams unique claim to fame is its ‘shared churchyard’, shared not by two but by three separate parish churches. Does this indicate a very early sacred site? It is the correct situation and shape for this. Was this a Celtic monastery with several small churches? Whatever the reason, the parishes of Hackford, Reepham and Whitwell met here and each built a church in the churchyard.

Hackford church burnt down in a town fire in the Sixteenth century but Whitwell’s St. Michael’s and Reepham’s St. Mary’s continued with separate incumbents until the 1930s. Parishioners of St. Michael’s claim to have heard St. Mary’s singing their final hymn whilst they were still listening to the sermon. The parish of Reepham now embraces all three and St. Mary’s is the parish church of the united parish.

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