Reepham History

Reepham Local History

Reepham – Local Charecters

A number of interesting characters have made valuable contributions to Reepham society over the centuries. In the past there was the diarist Parson Woodforde who recorded Reepham life. More recently, the Wesley Piercy’s memories of old Reepham have been invaluable for local history research.

Reepham – The Land

Reepham is one of a number of interconnected parishes and communities, including Kerdiston, Whitwell, Salle and Booton. Here we trace the history of these parishes from Domesday to the present, and discuss use of the land including agriculture, tanneries, and the development of the allotment movement.
• Manors and Parishes
• Reepham Moor
• Whitwell
• Hackford
• Kerdiston
• Salle
• Booton
• Allotments
• Swing Riots
• Landscape history
• Agricultural history

Reepham – Houses

For those interested in vernacular architecture, Reepham is a treasure trove. The town boasts a range of architectural styles and building techniques. There is also a restored Victorian glasshouse. We hope that after reading these articles you will be inspired to come and admire the architectural delights for yourself.
• Reepham Housing Trust
• Moor House and Glasshouse
• Vernacular Architecture
• The Laurels

Reepham – Trades

Reepham hosted a variety of trades in the town, including weavers, blacksmiths, and butchers. Farming was also a significant activity in the area, and many people worked on the land. This section looks at the trades in Reepham, and those who worked here share their memories of rural life.
• Bread making
• Rural life
• Farmwork and butchery
• Tradesmen and shopkeepers

Reepham – Transport

There were two railway stations in the area: at Reepham and at Whitwell. Both have now closed, but the buildings remain, and the rail track itself has been turned into a cycle path. This section looks at the history of rail transport and haulage in Reepham.
• Railways
• Merchants and Hauliers

Reepham – Wars

The world wars affected the lives of every person who lived through them. Here we present personal memories from Reepham people who experienced the first and second world wars, and give a short history of how the town itself was affected by the wars.
• Reepham in WW1
• World War I
• World War II
• Home Guard

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