Breckles Town is 16 miles south east of Norwich. For most of its history Breckles was part of a large estate and it was not until the final break up of the estate in 1911 that the independent community of today’s Breckles began to emerge.

About Breckles

Breckles community
Welcome to Norfolk Heritage Explorations – Breckles Breckles is situated some five miles south east of Watton. It comprises some 1560 acres, just over one square mile (Whites 1845). In 1845 it had one ... READ MORE

Breckles Hall

elizabethan manor house
Breccles Hall is a Grade II listed Elizabethan manor house whose land borders the Breckles churchyard. The Hall retains the old spelling of the village name, Breccles, and also retains all of its ... READ MORE

Breckles of the past

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The name Breckles is thought to come from Brec a laes meaning ‘the meadow by newly cleared land’. In the Middle Ages Breckles was actually called Breccles Magna, Great Breccles and had two ... READ MORE

Breckles of the Future

english church
If current trends continue, it would seem that for all its great past, Breckles is destined to become yet another lost village of Norfolk. Mechanisation and the increasing amount of land under the plough ... READ MORE