Norfolk Ale

CAMRA Campaigning

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Campaigning While CAMRA is a single industry group, it has a very wide area of campaigning interests. At present campaigns we are actively pursuing include the following: • Improved competition and choice ... READ MORE

Norfolk Breweries

Alewife Brewery Alewife brewery offers a variety of beers. Personalised labels are available throughout the year for special occasions. They offer a fast and efficient mail order service. Alewife Brewery ... READ MORE

Brewing Beer

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Beer starts with water, although in the brewing trade it is refered to as `liquor`. The first thing to be added is malt. Malt itself is partially fermented barley grain, this is where the beer gets ... READ MORE

The Good Beer Guide

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The Good Beer Guide is more than just a pub guide. Britain’s longest-running and best-selling guide contains Britain’s best pubs for real ale. But for beer lovers it also gives up-to-date information on ... READ MORE

Firkin Pubs and Beer

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  Introduction Firkin pubs serve beer brewed either on the premises, or imported from another pub in the chain. All of these “Firkin Beers” are unpasteurised and unfiltered. Those served from ... READ MORE

Norfolk Brewery History

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Alewife Brewery About Alewife Brewery is the only brewery in Norfolk that is owned and run by a woman brewer, who, having spent much of her childhood and early married life living adjacent to hop gardens ... READ MORE

CAMRA Investment Club

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Have you ever wished that you owned part of a brewery or one of the many pub chains that have emerged recently? Well now you have the opportunity of turning that dream into reality. If you are an existing ... READ MORE