East Ruston Old Vicarage Garden

Flower Garden

The East Ruston Old Vicarge Gardens are renown in Norwich for holding some of the most beautiful gardens, followed with a wonderful tea shop.

Their is a small entry fee on arrival yet season passes are also available through further information from a staff member. Guides and Maps are also available as it claims to be a bit of a maze, and has gathered the reputation of “a surprise around every corner”.

These surprises consist of a Desert Wash area fulfilled with cactus and desert life might we say, a beautiful waterfall surrounded by flowers, accessible and clean paths & small, intimate gardens as well as the larger gardens.

The Vicarage Garden is not the easiest tourist attraction to find, so please bare that in mind. Yet to make it worth the journey, if you are a lover for gardens or are simply seeking an experience that is of serenity, this place is a must.

The staff are warm and friendly and the gardens are very knowledgeable and attentive. Plants and lawns are kept to a high standard throughout the gardens.

The best time to visit the Gardens and to really experience the true beauty of what’s out there, would be the Summer Months. If you get a little hysterical over the odd wasp or bumble bee – I would take great caution! Extra Summer Events are also available in the Summer seeing as it’s their busiest time of the year, so if you are heading to the Norfolk coast – pop in and spend the afternoon here.

Happisburgh lighthouse is view-able from the hedges, so planning has been a careful and clever consideration here. The owners have maintained thier vision, aims and objectives about the garden for several years – and it’s said that they come out and meet their guests whenever possible in the gardens.

If after your visit you’ve decided to go home and give your garden some extra TLC – the Vicrage Gardens actually have some of their plants for sale. Overall, a perfect place to lose the hours of an afternoon nicely.

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