Do you love Norwich? Would you change it for the world? At My Norwich we love everything about Norwich and would not change it for the world.

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Norwich has a whole host of things to do and places to see. Including the beautiful Norwich Quay side.

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Are you planning on visiting Norwich soon. Looking for places to see, activities to do or pure inspiration? Norwich is packed full of great places to see, including the Norwich Cathedral.

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Norwich Cathedral

Norwich Cathedral is a magnificent Norman building set in the largest close in England. The nave roof bosses, illustrating the Bible from Creation to the Day of Judgment, and the Saxon Bishop’s ... READ MORE

Breckles Hall

elizabethan manor house
Breccles Hall is a Grade II listed Elizabethan manor house whose land borders the Breckles churchyard. The Hall retains the old spelling of the village name, Breccles, and also retains all of its ... READ MORE

Norfolk Breweries

Alewife Brewery Alewife brewery offers a variety of beers. Personalised labels are available throughout the year for special occasions. They offer a fast and efficient mail order service. Alewife Brewery ... READ MORE

Breckles of the past

Lady Godiva Statue at Broadgate in the city centre, Coventry, West Midlands, England, UK, Western Europe.
The name Breckles is thought to come from Brec a laes meaning ‘the meadow by newly cleared land’. In the Middle Ages Breckles was actually called Breccles Magna, Great Breccles and had two ... READ MORE

Happisburgh Lighthouse

Happisburgh lighthouse
Happisburgh Lighthouse is the oldest working light in East Anglia, and the only independently run lighthouse in Great Britain. It was built in 1790, and was originally one of a pair. The tower is 85ft tall ... READ MORE

Breckles of the Future

english church
If current trends continue, it would seem that for all its great past, Breckles is destined to become yet another lost village of Norfolk. Mechanisation and the increasing amount of land under the plough ... READ MORE

Happisburgh Life at Sea

happisburgh - old abandoned fisherman jetty during sunset
Life Saving Coastal communities by definition always have a close relationship with the sea & the lighthouse. Before the coming of railways and modern roads, the majority of goods transported between ... READ MORE

Happisburgh Farming

happisburgh farming
Happisburgh – Farming Stand outside, under the tower of Happisburgh church, and gaze around. You will see the sea, the countryside and the fields. Beyond the cluster of dwellings and gardens, which make up ... READ MORE