Do you love Norwich? Would you change it for the world? At My Norwich we love everything about Norwich and would not change it for the world.

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Norwich has a whole host of things to do and places to see. Including the beautiful Norwich Quay side.

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Are you planning on visiting Norwich soon. Looking for places to see, activities to do or pure inspiration? Norwich is packed full of great places to see, including the Norwich Cathedral.

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Norwich Nightlife

Norwich Nightlife
The nightlife in Norwich is fantastic, it is infamous in the Norfolk area for being the number one night spot. Norwich has numerous music hotspots, real ale pubs, pubs, bars and clubs. READ MORE

Norfolk Brewery History

Traditional English Pub
Alewife Brewery About Alewife Brewery is the only brewery in Norfolk that is owned and run by a woman brewer, who, having spent much of her childhood and early married life living adjacent to hop gardens ... READ MORE

CAMRA Investment Club

Old style english pub
Have you ever wished that you owned part of a brewery or one of the many pub chains that have emerged recently? Well now you have the opportunity of turning that dream into reality. If you are an existing ... READ MORE

Lilias Rider Haggard Quote

‘…this corner of England which once it holds your heart is more lovely than any place on earth. Beautiful with a hint of secrecy which haunts it, as the memory of a dark and tender sadness clouds the brilliance of a summer day.’